Feast Of Bees


Artwork and sketches by Zachariah Bauer

Parasect is a total creep! Here’s my piece for the Pokemon Battle Royale show. If you haven’t yet, check out the list of artists here. Its pretty huge. I’ll post some process stuff soon.

Here’s my piece for Jimmy Giegerich’s Bits in Multiples of 8 zine. Brave Fencer Musashi is one of the games from my middle school years that I still love playing from time to time. Wish Square would make a real sequel/prequel…

Does anyone remember Brave Fencer Musashi? Here’s some sketches for the piece I’m working on for Bits in Multiples of 8.

Here are some monsters and such I drew from the DnD campaign I’ve been running. Hobgoblins, zombies, Spulg, oh shit! I’ll definitely be doing more of these as the adventures continue.

Note: As of yet no Marshmallow Monsters have actually been featured in the adventure.

Old model, New Textures:

Check out this dude! I never had time way back when I was in school to finish the textures for this guy, so over the past few weeks I took some time and painted them up. I hope you dig ‘em!

I apparently never posted any shots of this dude on here. Well here he is… Low Poly/Textures are currently WIP.

The Onion Knight protects his onions.

Click the top image for an animated .gif turntable(loading may take a minute). Images were rendered in Marmoset Toolbag, so wicked… 

Now to move on to all the other awesome projects I have coming down the pipes!

And here’s where I’m at on the model for this dude. I’ve titled him the Onion Knight in a nod to the Final Fantasy job class from several games in the series. Though I thought of him more as an actual farmer who had to take up his retired knight of a father’s sword to defend their lands from a dangerous threat! So dangerous!

I’m thinking just a little bit of work to put some finishing polish on the textures should do the trick to call this guy done. What do you guys think?

p.s. For anyone reading that actually followed the competition you may notice that I went over the Tri-limit by 50. This was done, in order to add thickness to the blade of the sword, a strap onto the back of the shield, and some extra definition to the face. 

Concept sketch done for the gameartisans.org 1 of 6 Paths competition. Sadly my free time while the contest ran was taken up with visiting family and other holiday nonsense.

Quick sketch of Sir Keegan, undead paladin of bahamut, sketched during a break at work today.

Just realized that I never posted my entry for the Final Fantasy Nine art zine. This was completed back in early November.

In-progress vignette I just started working on. It’s a Tomte riding on the Yule Goat. Happy Holidays!

I had the chance to come up with a concept for the “Dwarf High King” model being produced by members of the bugmansbrewery.com forum for an event being held this February at Warhammer World. You can view pictures of the in-progress/finished piece, sculpted by John Pickford Here!

I had the pleasure of working on a design for the band The Water out of Baltimore. It was originally designed to be used as a t-shirt but they liked it so much they used it for the cover of a limited release single! Bonus!

I’m calling this one done for now. The design is for a poster for an upcoming show at Golden West. Trying some new things out in the process! I’ll have a new scanner hopefully soon(crossing fingers), many many sketches to follow once it arrives.

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